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Tears of a Tiger  Study Guide



Directions: Answer each question using complete sentences and answer each question completely.  Do not skip parts of the question if it has two or three parts.  You should also write down in the margin what page you found the answer on.

Part 1: pages 1-11

1.Why are news articles effective at providing information?

2.Where do you see indirect characterization? What is described?

3.Why is the comment “let the party find us” ironic?

4.What does Keisha realize?

5.What style of writing is used for each chapter so far?

Part 2: pages 11-23

1.How is Gerald’s life different from his friends?

2.How is B.J. different from his friends?

3.What object is personified when they talk about the accident? Explain why it is personified?

4.How does Andy get out of the car?

5.What conflict does B.J. have? Is it internal or external? Why?

6.What is ironic about what Coach Ripley promotes with his team?

Part 3: pages 23-35

1.What does the term “hurting inside” mean? What literary device is it being used as?

2.Is the Coach right when he states, “There are some things that are beyond our power to control”?  Why?

3.Based on the data below, is the decision made by the judge regarding Andy realistic?

In the United States, vehicular homicide is a crime. In general, it involves death that results from the negligent operation of a vehicle, or that results from driving whilst committing an unlawful act that does not amount to a felony. It does not state anywhere that being a minor or having a good driving record means you did not kill the person or act in a negligent way. Would those be grounds for dropping the homicide.

4.What theme/s could fit this chapter?

5.What comment does Rhonda write in her letter that shows the idea of “invincibility?”

6.What racial idea and idea about $5 does Gerald make? Why are they important?

Part 4: pages 35-49

1.What does Andy say that shows his guilt and shame and feelings about what should have happened? What does it foreshadow?

2.What does the statement “don’t be afraid of those tears.  Sometimes they help wash the soul clean” mean?

3.Do you feel Rob would forgive Andy? Why?

4.How does Andy describe his mother and father?

  1. 5.What do you think Andy means on page 48 when he says, “It’s like I could work out my feelings on the basketball court?”

Part 5: pages 50-70

1.What does Keisha say that foreshadows she’ll leave Andy?

2.What is Andy doing that is self-destructive?

3.A sub-plot is a plot that happens inside the story, but is not the main plot.  Looking at the conflict between Counselor vs. Andy on pages 57-8 what is the conflict, climax, and resolution?

4.Looking at the poem on page 63 by Andy, you need to break down each stanza (group of lines) and summarize what each stanza is saying.

Part 6: pages 71-89

1.What do you think the overall message of the poem is by Jacqueline Earley?

2.What’s Gerald’s point of view?

3.What does the phrase, “cinder among the snowflakes” mean? Explain?

4.What is Mrs. Blackwell’s point of view about stereotypes? Do you agree? Why?

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